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“Lela” - Crochet Hounds Tooth Pattern Tote

“Lela” - Crochet Hounds Tooth Pattern Tote

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Style: Classic

Unique and classic crochet hounds tooth pattern tote. A must for those black, red, or white apparel days! A touch of beaded elegance to finish the ensemble.  Lined structure to sides and bottom.

 Stock: Only 1, Limited Edition

Beautifully Color: Black, Red, and White

Material: Made in the USA, worsted yarn

Decoration: Resin marble hoop handles and beaded with gold chain handle strap (Asian Import).

Closure:  None 

Care: Steam Clean on low setting with a garment steamer.

Description:  15-inch in width (bottom), 15-inch height, 3-inch depth, 12-inch center to bottom.  Hand lined sides and bottom. 

Price: $275.00

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