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“Jasira” : Bold, Courageous Back Tote

“Jasira” : Bold, Courageous Back Tote

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Material: Imported Recycle Cotton T-Shirt Yarn

Hard work is what the “Jasira” was made for. Being made of vibrant colors of natural cotton t-shirt yarns, giving it a work horse vibe. Brightly colored to be seen at night, adaptable to soak up the sun in the day.  “Jasira is un-lined and has a clasp lock closure. An additional safety feature is its drawstring closure. Take “Jasira” to school or on a flight.

Stock: Only 1, Limited Edition

Beautifully Color: Bright Orange, Taupe, and Mustard

Material: Southern Europe Imported Recycle Cotton T-Shirt Yarn

Decoration: Brown leather flap, adjustable shoulder straps, and handbag bottom (Asian Import). 

Closure:  Clasp Lock 

Description:  14-inch in width (bottom), 14-inch height. Un-lined 

Price: $250.00





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